Who is the Saker?

Almost a year ago to the day, I had the distinct displeasure of meeting the man who calls himself the Saker. Our professional relationship lasted less than a month, for reasons I will outline below. We parted on rancid terms and I swore to him that I would make his identity and ideological shortcomings public. I have waited until now due to milestone events in my own life and because, frankly, I was waiting to see what the loon would come up with next.

As of the end of last year, I had been following the Saker blog for several years to get news of events in Donbass and when I learned he was looking for volunteers for a Serbian sister site, I applied for the job. My original idea was to contribute some translations on an ad hoc basis but Saker had just had a major falling out with the whole Serbian team and sacked the previous team leader, Aleksandar Jovanovic. He described Mr. Jovanovic as ,,a talented translator with paranoid psychotic tendencies". I didn't delve too deeply into the dispute at the time (my mistake!) but later I did discover Mr. Jovanovic was quite sane, and rather a nice guy.

Anyway, after a drawing of straws among the few new Serbian volunteers, like myself, Saker himself put me forward as the new leader of the Serbian sister site. He attributed this to our common respect for traditional Slavic values, like respect for the Orthodox church and the military, plus the fact that we communicated well. I think he was also a bit influenced by the fact that I live in Argentina (not far from a cousin of his, actually), that he has family here and some fond childhood memories of holidays with them among the Russian expat community, of which I am an ardent admirer and (to the extent circumstances allow) a fleeting member.

Andrei (for by then we were on a first name basis) encouraged me to form a properly Serbian team and I promptly solicited the assistance of everyone and anyone toward that end. He promised me complete editorial freedom, which I understood to mean that all contributors, myself included, could make the points they felt were most relevant. I was convinced at this time that he was my brother Russian, and this was reenforced during the defection during this period of his French IT guru (who, I discovered subsequently, was also a very nice guy) and the threat of collapse of the entire so-called "Saker community".  At one point (as God is my witness) Andrei  was begging me to assume legal ownership of all the domains in the Saker  community, which had been left in limbo by Francois. I declined (for technical reasons) and it was then that my husband suggested that the Saker switch to Icelandic servers (where he is currently) to protect the integrity of his sites. You're welcome, Andrei.

In the meanwhile, the Charlie Hebdo massacre occurred in Paris - a bunch of Muslim fundamentalists strifing the editors and staff of the "tasteless" satirical French paper, and other locales frequented by the Jewish community. For me, taste is primarily a question of education and culture; whereas freedom of speech (and editorial license) is something altogether different, supposedly one of the rights guaranteed by so-called "democracy". Anyway, the French Saker community broke into two parts - the "I am Charlie" and "I am not Charlie" (and this had nothing to do with the withdrawal of Francois, the IT maestro, although Andrei tried to pretend this was the case). Andrei himself wrote an absolutely repulsive piece entitled "Why I am not Charlie" basically blaming the French paper for lack of refinement (a satirical paper!) and arguing that they had brought the wrath of the followers of Mohammed upon themselves because ,,they chose to provoke Islam, knowing the results this would engender".

Faithful Serbian follower that I was of my Russian brother Andrei, I translated his article into Serbian but was most unhappy with it. By opportune chance, through a mutual friend, I chanced upon an article by the talented Serbian expat writer Aleksandar Lambros, in which he lambasts (no pun intended) the idiots who were not ,,seeing the connection" between Islamic fundamentalism and the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I have little in common with Mr. Lambros, aside from an admiration for his writing style and intellectual integrity, but I was happy to translate his Serbian into English in order to achieve a sense of balance with respect to Charlie Hebdo. Being neither Charlie nor prepared to massacre satirical staff, I was somewhat in a quandry.

I was gently (and I do emphasize ~ gently ~) reprimanded by my "brother Russian" that although I had complete editorial freedom, this did not extend as far as insulting members of the Muslim community (as the article of Aleksandar Lambros apparently did). I told him (most ungraciously, I admit) to go fuck himself and who was he, after all, to explain to a Serb, 600 years under the Ottoman yoke, the situation with Muslims? His response was that "all Serbs are crazy" (meaning me and Aleksandar Jovanovic, I guess) and that I just didn't see he was properly respectful of Islam (whose teachings he openly compares with the teachings of the Holy Fathers of the Christian Church) ,,just like Putin admires and respects Kadhyrov".

The Grand Strategist he is not. I did my research on Andrei Raevsky aka the Saker ex post facto and determined that he was a Swiss citizen who had already some difficulties with the Russians with respect to Chechnya. By his own admission, he was sent there as an employee of the International Red Cross and subsequently fired for his pro-Chechen bias. He later went on record in several published works as being critical of the Russian Army’s “heavy-handed approach” towards the Chechen terrorists.

He was then apparently hired on by the  United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) out of Geneva, which sent him on several tours to ex-Yugoslavia, specifically, he claims to have been involved in "disarmament negotiations" (which can only have been detrimental to the local Serbs) in Croatia and Bosnia. Having thus cemented his friendship with the Serbs, he immigrated to the USA and underwent further grooming at the Paul H. Nitzke School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, the happy hunting ground of the likes of Madeleine Albright, Condoleeza Rice. He now lives on the Atlantic coast of the state of Florida within a stone’s throw of some 30 military installations who have no problems with his primary activities: broadcasting war against the phantom “Anglo-Zionist empire” (in the cartoon where the Western sponsored ISIL are the good guys) and soliciting donations from his (chiefly left-leaning) supporters in exchange for kitschy wallets imprinted with the Saker image, and autographed copies of his book. Like any good apologist for Islam, Raevsky is also a rabid anti-Semite.

I still believe Russians are our brothers but I don't believe that Andrei Raevsky is one of them. He is a hybrid, a GMO if you will, of Russian soul fertilized by select Western ideology. It cannot thrive, it should not multiply. It will perish.

Snežana Ivanišević de Berthet·

Извор: Who is the Saker?

Српски превод:  Ћирилизовано: Снежана Иванишевић де Барте: Ко је Степски соко (The Saker)?

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  1. The Saker has many faults as do us all, with some dictatorial arrogance that sometimes even gets on my nerves. However the Je Suis Charlie was and is a fraud and probably a false flag and evidence shows some staged events. The turks (descendants of khazars) did those things because of their genetic disposition, not because they hid behind the religion of Islam to justify their atrocities. We are to understand that you exposed the Saker because he gently reprimanded you about an article?

    1. The Saker is a CIA tool, placed to promote shiite Islam and to undermine the slavic world. I said it ages ago and it still stands, now more obvious than ever. I exposed his lies many times before he started censoring, that of course just got me banned.

      Noone "hid" behind Islam. That ideology IS the very essence of Islam. Either you join them, become their slave or you die. That's all the choice you have in Islam, as millions of dead Christians and others can testify. Also every arab cleric will confirm that, as recently witnessed in the outings of the Egyptian clergy, who refused to condemn the ISIS bunch as apostates.

      But then it's the stuff that you either understand right away, or stubbornly refuse to accept due to too much brainwashing or ideological confusion. I can't help you with that, unfortunately.

    2. Turks are Mongols, by the way. The descendents of Khazars are mostly in today's Kazakhstan. What you think are Khazars (Rothschild etc.) is nothing but a smokescreen of Jesuit agents, created by Vatican in collusion with the British Empire.

  2. The Saker has many faults as do us all, with some dictatorial arrogance that sometimes even gets on my nerves. However the Je Suis Charlie was and is a fraud and probably a false flag and evidence shows some staged events. The turks (descendants of khazars) did those things because of their genetic disposition, not because they hid behind the religion of Islam to justify their atrocities. We are to understand that you exposed the Saker because he gently reprimanded you about an article?

  3. This is despicable. Shame on you all, author of this article and Mr. Jovanovic, for being involved in this. You did not agree with Saker's views, you thought he had a bad personality and was hard to work with? So what, in that case you just part with the men and wish him well. Criting his work is normal, but swearing to break his anonimity out of spite and taking somehow a revange (for what?! his disagreeng with you or not enjoying your cooperation?!) is just plain mean acting and disturbed thinking. You give our people a bad name. Is your ego really that big that you can not see how lame this action of yours is?

    1. It has nothing to do with "views" but with the bunch of lies and disinfo that he constantly keeps flowing. also he is obviously a pro-shiite Jew-hater nazi, regardless of all his neatly packaged fluff talk.

    2. 1389-1913 Balkan was under a very bloody Ottoman rule. Where do you think bosnian muslims came from? Those were all converts who betrayed their people for a bit more money and power.

    3. I totally agree with this comment. It is plain spiteful.

  4. I wonder where you got that 600 years?

    1. Not in school clearly.

      Next thing he'll deny Serbs are descendants of Turks raping the earlier mix of Slavs and Balkan natives...

  5. Snezana i Aleksandre, veoma nisko i podlo od vas.

    1. Nista nisko ni podlo nema u izjavljivanju istine. Takozvani "Soko" je vise nego ocito samo jedna prljava, jeftina krtica i ponizna sluga nasih neprijatelja. Sto se mene tice neka ide u svoj voljeni Iran i pusti nas na miru.

  6. I read the whole thing as unbiased, open-minded and curious, Saker-critical (not always share hos opinions) as possible. Now my conclusion is: Only a gruntled egoistic self-hating female of old age can do such a thing. It is like those who cannot deal with the situation that their husbands found a new love, then claiming that their husbads "raped them", bringing them into prison for decades.
    Content all nice and well - but publishing internal secrets is bad enough. Publishing his photo and name however is so much over the top, in the worst case putting his life at risk for no reason! I must say these 2 former Serbian Saker "teams" belong into Psychiatry and behind bars. Only women (old and ugly) can do such things. A man would rather kill himself, rather than being a traitor of this magnitude for no reason.

    I personally also dislike Islam.
    I'm a Stalinist.
    And you know what: Saker never ever censored me.

    SHAME ON YOU, Madame Snezana - such a beautiful name, in such an ugly body with an even uglier perverted "mind".

    As for the "non-existing" AZ Empire: Snezana, you have no eyes or no analytical capabilities at that!

    Beware of Karma.
    What you have done to the Saker is unforgivable.

    Martin from Soviet East-Berlin

    1. Wrong. He did not censor you because you are a nazi. Nothing to do with stalinism at all.

      And of course, you are no stalinist nor do you even know what that means, obviously.

      Rude insults toward the host here also do not really back up your case. Go back to your Heimat and stop poisoning this site.

  7. That lady's "logic" is somewhat limited on all layers.
    What does the geographical distance of military installations have to do with honesty?

    You know what, I (only a small unimportant blogger, but with similar narratives) also live less than 10km away from the German Bundestag. And - now what?
    What does it mean or express to have attaended a specific University, as long as you are not its ownder or president now?

    I hate "modern day" Berlin so much, I hardly go out to buy me food.
    Only during the night.

    Now of course very fine.

    If she really suspected him of being a traitor and wanted to warn us of him with good intentions, she could have done so without publishing his name and picture. For that there simply is no justification in this universe.

    Then even after the death of his mother.
    I feel DISGUSTED by that these severe breaches of trust against the Saker.
    There is no word for this. No word. No excuse.


  8. What do you mean by him being anti-semite? Are you jewish? Why do you care about jews? Aren't the arab muslims semites too? Or maybe you are just throwing "scary" words to make things more "dramatic"..

    1. Serbs are of course not Jewish, but also the victim of nazis along pretty much the same propaganda lines. And Israel was one of the only nations that actually helped us in the bosnian war against the jihadists.

      Simple thing, we Serbs hate nazis. They killed millions of us in two wars, prior to that the muslims killed millions of us over several centuries etc. We know what muslim terror is. I pray for you that you don't have to find it out on your own.

      But then I guess you knew all this already, but are simply another dazzled and stupified Jew-hater. In that sense, the right material for the Saker's blog, which has the contents but only misses the correct gothic german letters to look like "Der Stürmer".

    2. Well, I'm sure EU has helped the Eastern European Nations very much... You fully support the joining of it? :). Don't be mistaken, I love Serbs... Especially for your simplicity and loyalty, but, but... Simplicity to a greater extent is naivety. There is a difference between helping due to a mutual agreement, complete with mutual respect, and the other - making use of another country... I'm sure I'll never be able to convince you of this, so nevermind...

      But in its basics, Nazism was never defined by a hate towards the Jews, but rather the superiority of the Aryan race. Calling everybody who dislike/are suspicious of some Jews Nazis, is completely ludicrous :)

    3. What does EU have to do with any of this? Of course you do know that "Aryans" are an indian folks and Germans have nothing whatsoever to do with all that? It was a recent invention, based on Theosophy (= british intelligence), more specific it was an austrian goon with a pseudonym "Jochen von der List" who invented that meme. Nazis took it to support their crazy politics.

      And nazism was definitely based on hate for Jews and Gypsies, who were to be a poster child of "lower" ethnicity. But nazis of course thought the same of Serbs, Russians etc. Only muslims were always their best friends - see Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler history. Mufti was the muslim brother from Palestime or rather Egypt where he was groomed and he was the guy who created the bosnian muslim nazi brigades. After the war he was saved by the british and shipped to Egypt, later he even was able to create what we know as "Arab league".

      You don't need to convince anyone, just present hard facts and we're good to go. I know what I know and all that comes from thoroughly vetted sources, not from some shady blogs or such. That kind of nonsense is not even worth a debate.

    4. Being a traitor and a liar comes with a cost. He has been putting all of us to risk and would basically like to see us all dead or ruled by the Mullahs. Disinfo agents deserve all that comes their way. Revenge is a bitch.

      Also he was by no means anonymous anyway, so you are wrong in that regard too.

  9. I didn't check how many people wrote this already, but I forgot the following and will remind of it:

    As somebody who is reading Saker's excellent blog for almost 2 years already - more or less on a daily basis - I can say with 100% certainty that also the allegedly "facts" based "arguments" of this "lady" are not only incorrect (which can be verified with google in a few minutes), but even ludicrous!

    Among other lies she claims that The Saker is "siding with Bosnia" and that he allegedly "cemented his feelings for Serbia".

    What a nonsense!
    Is she and that other idiot == Serbia?????
    No! She and her companion are enemies of Serbia.
    I recall many posts by Saker where he strongly defended Serbia against Bosnian aggression. There was also more than just one occasion where we dealt with that subject and some troll came up and claimed that "Bosnian script" is an "alphabet" created 1000 years ago other than just a slightly modified version of SERBIAN script.

    I participated in those discussions and Saker jumped in and instantly helped me defendiang Serbia and reminded of all the Ottoman crimes during the past millenium.

    That's why I _know_ what I'm talking about.
    Who doesn't believe it shall use google, it's still there.

    This entire SerbianSakerTeam split saga reminds me too much of a staged psyop to plant hostility against Russia into the Serbian community.

    Like back then on RT: https://www.google.de/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjQx7iN9b3JAhUp7nIKHa-7DakQtwIINjAF&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DcNBjiO-YgHk&usg=AFQjCNGMRZiJc1cHaHWmsaHNtn7IUewP8g

    Later it came out which "interesting" connections this "lady" has had for years in advance .....
    It is all on yt, google yourself.
    I won't waste any single more minute for these Anti-Saker, Anti-Russia _and_ Anti-Serbia *TRAITORS*

    imo they get way too much attention.

    As for the AZ empire's alleged "Non-Existence" - my biggest saddest laugh in a long time.
    Hearing such stuff from alleged "Serbians" (after 1999) makes it clear that there are only 2 options: #0.) Either they are insane or #1.) _paid_.

    If somebody really never heard of it: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=still+federal+reserve

    1. Hello Mr. nazi agent - wrong audience for you here. No workie. Also you have no idea about anything related to Yugoslavia, so stop talking obvious nonsense. You are insulting both our people and the owner of this site, who is a true patriot.

      If you're looking for anti-russian and anti-serbian traitors, just go back to your saker blog, you're at home there with the similar-minded bunch of traitors and agents.

      And please, stop spouting such obvious and painfully stupid nonsense. That may work in the west for the uninformed bunch, but here you are talking to locals who know better.

  10. Gospodjo Ivanisavic,
    Znao sam da jedan veliki broj Srba, ne samo da nema pojma o cemu prica, nego je toliko primitivan, zaglupljen i zaslijepljen mrznjom, a u isto vrijeme naduven do bola!
    Naduven i opcinjen "zapadom" i "demokratiom i slobodom" kuju isto to cionisticko ruglo praktikuje vec desetljecima.

    U takvu grupu (a smatram je takodjer i ljudskim smecem) - spadate i vi gospodjo Ivanišević de Berthet.
    (Dovoljno mi je da vidm dva prezimena pa da osjetim mucninu i poriv na povracanje)

    Sa druge strane, Saker, ne samo da je izvrstan i informativan, nego me naprosto zapanjuje da je Andrej dopustio takvom ljudskom smecu da se i priblizi blogu!
    Na njegovu i nasu zalost.
    Ipak na srecu, ni vi gospodjo Ivanišević de Berthet·niti par tih nabijedjenih (tajno zaljubljenih u zionizam) smradova - niste vise na blogu.

    Ne zelim vam nista osim da vise nikad ne cujem za vas i idiote sa vama.
    Miron Janic

    1. I da...
      Zaboravih zamalo...
      STIDIM se cak sto pricam istim jezikom kao vi i ovih par smradova oko vas!
      Miron Janic

    2. Kad covek nema pojma sta govori, bojle bi mu bilo da cuti. Ovdje nama nesto o "cionistima" pricati je totalna glupost i sramote. Pogotovo kad nas je ovde toliko koji su bili dole u ratu i gledali kako su Iranci i Turci nase muslimane trenirali i n<aoruzavali, dok je Izrael bila jedna od rijetkih zemalja sto je nama pomagala protiv mudzahedina i vehabija u Bosni. Konkretno sa oruzjem, sto su i nasi generali u Hagu javno potvrdili.

      Okrenut si na pogresnu stranu i radis za naciste. Ne vjeruj svaku budalestinu i legendu sto procitas u kojekakvim blogovima, vecina njih radi za kojekakve vlade. Isto tako je vecina tih prica izmisljena i jedini "izvori" toga su ti blogovi, koji medjusobno jedni na druge kao izvor pokazuu. Kratko receno, cista fantazija.

      I to je valjda jasno, da ijedan od njih ikakvu istinu govori, zatvorili bi mu stranicu u roku od jednog dana.

    3. Ma namoj?
      E tebi cu papcino glupa, neinteligentna, neuka i bezobrazana vjerovati?
      Zionisticka tvorevina je unistila SFRJ, a time i Srbe.
      Takvi idioti i smaradovi, koji za racun Izraela i dalje rade kontra Srba (i Rusa, te svih slavenskih naroda i cijelog slobodnog svijeta) - zasluzili su samo da ih se pljune u srdljivo lice!
      Uzgred kretencino, ne da nemas pojma sta je bilo u Bosni, nego pricas totalne besmislice. SAD i cionisti (naravno da Izrael kontrolise SAD) jesu bili i ostali glavni zlocinci nad masakriranim narodima BIH.
      Samo idiot najgore vrste (ne mozese cak nazvati ni nacionalist, jer i za to treba malo mozga imati!) - moze predpostaviti da su Turci i Iranci naoruzavali muslimane BEZ ZNANJA SADista = zionista!
      Pa oni su kretenu - kontrolisali nebo iznad cijele Evrope, a ne samo BIH!
      Dakle iskljucivo zionisticka bagra (kojoj se idiot tvog kalibra klanja!) - jeste pokrenula i kontrolisala bratoubilacki rat u SFRJ.
      kad im je trebalo da razaspu mocnu drzavu, cionisti su po oprobanom receptu zavadili sve narode (pa cak i muslimane sa muslimanima) samo da uniste taj prostor za sva vremena. (pogledaj Irak, Libiju i Siriju kretenu!)

      Sa tobom se samo jos mogu sloziti dzihadlije, tj oni sto idu da se raznesu u Siriju da bi kraticom u "dzhadisticki raj" - ali idioti ne znaju da ih je "Amerika=Izrael samo podrzavala" - da bi ih dovela tu gdje su sad sa pojasom od dinamita.

      Medjutim, tacno se pitam - sta ja jednom kretenu jos treba objasnjavati?
      Kus idiote, zajedno sa ovom ruznom cionistickom nadovanom babom.

  11. Zdravo Snežo,

    it might interest you that the question, who The Saker really is, has been researched already at last at once:


    This is a long thread which visibly ended when the participants felt the answer had been found (and perhaps surprised some).

    I, too, hoped for an interesting new side of TheSaker with the stepski soko, and was sad when it did not happen.

    In contrast to Martin aus Sowjetisch-Ost-Berlin ("Martin the S.O.B."?) I have been censored more than once by TheSaker. Once a long answer to a Polish poster about the mass murder of "Merkel"'s main opponents in Europe, the leaders of the Polish conservatives, in Smolensk on "Merkel"'s jubilee, or should I say, triumph day 10-4-10 at 10:41 was shortened in the middle without recognizable other reason than to make my text ununderstandable or ridiculous or "mad". Once I corrected TheSaker's translation of "The New Russian Naval Doctrine" in a small but important point. I wondered how a native speaker of Russian could make that mistake other than on purpose - well this was the archsin of Critique of TheBoss, which is punished by censorship not only but also at TheSaker's. And once I wrote a longer letter of non-understanding to Katherine Frisk who had published an alleged "Interview with TheSaker" about Orthodoxy. This text of her's could only be compared to the articles of the absolutely unique, incredible Preston James, Ph.D. (a pseudonym with a degree from an undisclosed university) at VeteransToday. It showed the same total ignorance of the most basic facts of history and no understanding at all of Orthodoxy - but was presented as a text not by her but by TheSaker, who, before, had attracted me, too, with his insightful articles e.g. about Orthodoxy. This new and the old texts could not possibly have been written by the same person. Is "TheSaker", then, a group rather than an idividual? Since "Katherine Frisk" appeared as a new shooting star at VeteransToday, TheSaker and her own pompously named site at the same time I don't remember right now where I posted my astonishment and rebuff, but I remember that it was censored. By the way, Katherine Frisk is just as ano- or pseudonymous as Preston James Ph.D., and Preston James Ph.D. not only censors everybody who does not applaud his tales like a claque member, but pursuits them with his spite just as Martin/SOB pursuits now you, for the same crime of being of different opinion. One might call this heap of commonalities a common handwriting. As taught in the same school.

    To be censored on somebody else's blog seems not terribly rare, not too shameful, and nothing to be too distressed about. Which, therefore I am not and do not complain about. However, never being censored somewhere is a much graver case, that of "Eine Krähe hackt der andern kein Auge aus." In a claque it is extremely rare that one of the claqueurs suppresses another one, so that all of them together may be heard as a mighty choir with a "general storm of protest". This is also a universal phenomenon one cannot do much about, except observe and dissect, whenever it shows up, and draw one's conclusions. However, when one of those claqueurs steps forward to declare himself and his kin as models of honesty and ENTRÜSTUNG ((c) "Merkel"), making such observations and conclusions public seems justified. Let's take Martin/SOB as an example: [=> part2]

  12. [Part3 =>] You did talk about a site on the web, and this reaction of the claque suggests that this site is known to them to be a sly trap of their's, which must be protected. By their silly theatrical "outrage". And personal offences.

    In that context a personal offence - like the physician Martin SOB's statement that you are mad, or the prosecutor Martin SOB's statement that you are a criminal, or the pope Martin SOB's statement that you are a heretic of the Saker Religion, and what you have done to the Saker is unforgivable, so that in addition to psychiatry and jail you also belong into hell - is not just an eruption of a "personal" feeling or a "personal" judgment. "Personal" ideas are so completely forbidden to polizeishpitzels that after a while in their business they do not even remember what a "personal", "own" opinion would be. What they do, when they declare something about "you" (whoever "you" they turn to) is a weapon (and a trap), a tool to work against you. Like telling you you are mad, telling you that you are old and ugly is meant to strike at your renown (=at your support) and at your self-esteem (=your own force). Martin SOB seems never to have seen your portrait or received your personal data, so his final judgment about these two points he knows nothing about proves that not you but he is completely nuts, nothing but "his master's voice", in short: a nothing.

    Still, there is still something to be learned from this lunatic and explained to the curious.

    First, his wonderful statement: "Only women (old and ugly) can do such things. A man would rather kill himself, rather than being a traitor of this magnitude for no reason." As pointed at already I am a well-seasoned victim of german state infamy, delivered more often than not by "private" persons that seek my contact always and only to deliver messages like the ones you just received from Martin SOB. All this police directed state infamy is treason and high treason - it is daily activity against all the "rights" our famous constitution "grants" us and treason of all the promises "vee tschörmans" had to make for getting the slap on the back by "our allied friends" for going ahead: "No more war! No more police state!" Obviously, all these treacherous wonders of germanicity are run by german males, who accept, gruntingly, a female like Adolf's daughter Angela only as a figurehead. All Germans are unfathomable cowards and thus born traitors (of others and themselves, or mutually, "the friend betrays the friend"), but the visible treacheries are done by men. Martin SOB says nothing else: no germanman would ever become a traitor "for no reason" - but there always is one! Namely, the recruiter's promise that the treason will be paid. Already Karl Kraus remarked around 1900 that "every man, if in need, will eagerly agree to become a journalist, while not every woman in need will agree to become a prostitute". Karl Kraus was one of those competent, laborious and courageous Jews who did their best to keep up the illusion that Germany has a literature and authors until ca. 100 years after Kleist and Goethe. [=> part4]

  13. [Part4 =>] I made the same discovery as Kraus: every male "friend" that contacts me or is allowed to be contacted by me is a police whore, but not all females are, and their age or exterior seems to have exactly nothing to do with their general moral superiority over (german) men. Bert Brecht, too, showed such humans in his plays and poems, and gave indications where they can most likely be found.

    Second, SOB's obsession with "old & ugly" is identical to the credo of the english nazishit MI5/6 and, to a lesser extent, it seems, also of their german branch, the gestapo with its various ramifications: ALL living beings must be enslaved (prostituted), of course, but since this is a huge task it is best to begin at its easy end: propose to those underprivileged by fate, the "ugly", the "unadept", the "shy", and of several kids in a family the youngest that everybody made jokes about and pushed around. They do have a desire to take vengeance (if not it can be created), and to relish it in safety, from the hideout of a professionally trained police whore who can do anything without ever being caught. This is the general recruiting strategy of the english, often observed on their german hunting grounds. For these recruits their "obvious shortcoming" was turned, with help from their new friends, into an invisible but mighty, quasi magical advantage. Which can, like all magick, easily be confiscated again in cases of disobedience or wantonness. What SOB told you by calling you "old and ugly" is: "You had obviously been recruited by one of us, TheSaker. Since we recruit the undesirable ones, you must be undesirable, probably "old and ugly". Our recruitment is a sort of magic wand - you can easily destroy everyone we do not like either. However when you do not act on our orders and even use the nasty j-word against one of us, we take our protection away, and you are again only what you are by yourself plus (i.e. minus) the damage we'll inflict on you from now on, beginning with calling you names." Martin SOB spelt out the basics of the nazi recruitment schemes and thus showed to be familiar with them. Q.e.d.

    Good luck, Snežana (what a cool name!) - Bog je Srbin!

    P.S. Is François the same guy who wrote about the green radiance of the MH17 corpses in the night?
    Nice feller...

  14. Zdravo Snezana, hvala za ovo!

    I have been visiting "Saker" for ages and I always thought of him as of some CIA tool. He often posted absolute nonsense, especially regarding anything related to Yugoslavia. He constantly removed my comments posted for correction and backed with real sources, while at the same time he lets a bunch of total nazis post what they wish, as they wish. Finally he blocked me altogether and introduced strict censorship, because otherwise most of his contrived fantasies had been blown up right away.

    Especially his relentless promotion of what he sells as "peaceful version of Islam" is obvious, he is a staunch supporter of Iran and their terrorist proxies in Palestine and of course Hezbollah. That would be the same guys that trained and helped our jihadists in Bosnia, at least in the beginning before the Iranians got replaced by Saudis and Turks.

    To summarize, great article and thanks for telling the truth. Keep up the good work!

    Samo dalje tako, ne daj se, ima nas jos iza tebe!!! Istina ca na kraju pobijediti, to je zakon prirode.

    - T2015

    1. There were no Iranians in Bosnia (it's good to remember that they are shiia).
      And I don't think saker is their supporter, but is just pretending to be.

  15. This reminds me of a story I once read about a small guy betraying a very big guy.............. can't remember too well but if I'm not mistaken the small guy was called........ "Judas".............. the big guy ....ehh... me just check the book.

  16. It is your right to critique him but exposing his anonymity after trusting you with his identity is very shady and uncalled for. All this because he refused you permission to post an article??!! If the guy has a family, you do realize you are puting them i danger,right? Due to an article?!. What havebyou achieved with this? Shame on you. You are the purest form of evil and I do hope karma gets you.

    1. Look mr Swahili,

      We don't know the facts in this story. What I can tell you is that it's true that the Saker used to run his site like a dictator, then he supposedly got a couple of changed moderator teams and then the comments started flowing more objectively.

      Second point, Saker has admitted, in writing, on his website that he is not a nice guy, this is often true, he can be quite obnoxious and prickly, especially if you ever prove him wrong with just the facts- then he can have a hysterical emotional meltdown (which is very odd for a man). So Saker can be very difficult at times and he has openly admitted that. He has had multiple public spats with previous collaborators and that stop talking to them and tells his readers that he will have nothing to do with so & so. So he is quite capable of irrational and emotion based behavior himself.

      Third: the main thing that enraged de-Berthet is Saker making the accusation that most of the data had been destroyed on the Serbian Saker site, she claims that she only took off her 10 articles. You can understand her anger as being justified if Saker falsely accused her for something she didn't do. Or it could be they're both telling the truth and some other issue led to the data loss. However, that does not justify an accusation without verifying the facts.

      Now how do we even know that the Saker persona is not run by a team and not just one individual? We don't.

      Fourth: Many of his analysis is self invented stuff that doesn't correlate with reality or the facts. For example his wishful thinking that China is Russia's ally; this nonsense repudiated by Putin himself, who has stated that he does not want to straight-jacketed by the obligations of alliances, that his policy is of multi-polarity and self-interest which precludes entering into military alliances with the other power-poles. Current Chinese support is predicated on mutually self interest, as soon as this changes, China will look after its self interest and drop support for Russia because China is pragmatic. Russia continues to arm states that China is in conflict with. When you point out these facts, Saker's theories have no answers. Also his ridiculous faith and romanticising the Iranians is based on emotion and not on objective thinking (I think his hatred of Zionist Jews is so deep that it is that that drives his admiration for Iran's theocratic government). If North Korea was the only state to oppose Zionism then Saker would be pro-North Korean. So his emotions cloud his/her objectivity in his analysis. The truth is that even Russia does not trust Iran, and that is why the Russia state has supported sanctions wrt to the nuclear issue, and has withheld key weapons exports to Iran. The truth is Iran is pragmatic and quite capable of turning their back on Russia if the US was to introduce the right incentives. Yet Saker tries to ignore this and Romanticize them; he emotionally think that Irans military prowess is so high, that Russia cannot win the war in Syria without Iranian intervention- this is total nonsense based on his emotional bias towards Iran. Syrian ground troops are doing a competent job themselves in winning the war - those are the facts on the ground.

      Saker site is no saint, he has treated people very shoddy and vindicatively himself, so he shouldn't complain too loudly. Except for the fact that this outing was supposedly done right after his mother's funeral, that was wrong.

  17. yes, i am aware of the sic semper tyrannis thread and went through it more than once. some of the analyses there were enlightening but i didn't find the ultimate conclusion realistic or very convincing. an ip address is not an absolute value, even less when you cannot be sure in the veracity of the person providing it.

    you see, i had several major pieces of the saker puzzle already in my hands largely through fortuitous circumstance (or divine providence): extensive correspondence with andrei, a lot of friendly chatter about people we both know here in argentina. the russian expat community is quite small and everyone knows each other (unless someone chooses to hide behind a monicker).

    even though i had a lot of personal information (most of it spontaneously shared, some of it laboriously researched on my part), i had a lot of difficulty (and still do) with a big picture scenario explaining the world and the work of the saker. what is obvious is that he has a clear-cut agenda that is completely at odds with the mindset and values of the community he springs from.

    can you please be so kind as to repost part 2? i am missing it. ;) thank you

  18. "We parted on rancid terms and I swore to him that I would make his identity and ideological shortcomings public. I"

    What a pityfull, vengefull person you are.
    We who have been reading Saker, know and admire his "ideological shortcomings" and frankly don't care about his identity.

  19. if you don't care about the saker's "thin identity" (the flip side of his "thin anonymity") why are you commenting on an article entitled "who is the saker"?
    when you are presented with information of which you have no previous knowledge, the intelligent thing to do is to think on it, do some investigating on your own, draw your conclusions and then test them. otherwise you're just repeating someone else's nonsense, which is a waste of everyone's time including your own.
    look, i know raevsky a lot better than you do, and you don't know me at all. so do you really think you're in a position to pass judgment on me and/or my actions?

  20. You have a fallout with a blogger and in revenge you expose his identity. Way to go. Your vengeful tone in your "exposition" and your aggressive answers to the comments below shows who you really are, angry, dishonest, without one iota of integrity and ethics. By the way, why did you deactivate your FB account? And why hide your answers to the comments with "anonymous"?

  21. so the reason you're here is to call me names for telling the truth about saker-raevsky and to make assumptions about the circumstances and driving forces behind the whole unfortunate situation. but you yourself are so unperceptive you don't even realize when one person has left the chat and another one has replaced him?
    this is exactly my third post on this blog, and although i can indeed be the dragon lady when circumstances warrant, thus far i've been pretty courteous toward bimbo plumpe and you.
    and yet you're still certain you know who the saker is and what he's up to, and that i'm the villaine? incredible. ,,fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

  22. What an ugly despicable postbabylonian talmudian masonic hag and cia servant . No dermatologist even no Homoeopath will be able to mitigate the effects of my knuta on this mossadistic semicorpse ! Spuck auf diese gemeine hinterhaeltige Schlampe! Ecrase toi ! Phige apo tho! Sto diabolo! Zum Teufel zurueck! Smert ! From Russia with Love!

  23. but whay madame Berthet why :)

  24. as a person of principle, what i find most disgusting is a petty person hiding in a shell of noble allusions. mr. raevsky, who wears his mother's surname, not his father's, is a certifiable nut out to make a fast buck. everything else he pretends to be is a lie, all of his causes, products of ill-begotten fantasy.

  25. It is my gut instinct that the Saker is controlled opposition (pretends to be in opposition of the Anglo-Zionists) but in fact misdirects people while protecting those who he is suppose to be against. He has blamed the Novorossiyans for the assassination of Arsen Pavlov instead of the actual perpetrators and protects the ‘Jews’ from any real criticism. He also goes on about 5th columnists writing comments on his blog which I believe is a deflection of who he might be, I have read these comments and in no way were they anti-Eurasian so he is at least reaching. Take him with some salt and prove for yourself.

  26. Zdravo Snez<o, izvinite da nisam reagirovao na vasu molbu o Part-2 - tek sad sam se vratio prvo do SST i odande ovamo. U medjuvremenu sam proz<iveo razne frke, ugubio se trag etc. etc. Moz<da ovaj Part2 bio samo planirovan i ja sam pobrkao numerisanje. Gledacu. Nedavno opet neke tragedie su se producirali na Sekeru, i ovaj put i ja sam preziveo neke neprijatnosti o kojima se pitam: zas<to bas< tako, i zas<to bas< sad? I nas<ao sam da i neki drugi - Pinky - je se bas< sad setio onih starih sumnji. Hmmm - whatdoesitmean? Nekad sve ce biti jasno...


  27. que ensalada la exyugoslavia, todos se odian con todos. Quizás deberías odiar menos y leer más al Imam Ali: "un hombre es tu hermano en la fé o en humanidad"

  28. Does the author realize that jews are no friends of Serbs nor Orthodox Christians? Just as the author was correct to call out the saker for his soft stance on islam, that author is wrong to call out the saker for his critical stance on judaism.

  29. Аутор је уклонио коментар.

  30. Although Raevsky try's to portray himself as an expert on Orthodox Christanity his agreement with this sheikh that we Orthodox Christians and Muslim worship the same God proves he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.I have met him on several times at church before I knew about his blog and his alter ego as "the Saker" and I personally found him to be a blowhard. Now, I also understand him to be a Muslim and Putin troll also. "Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known" Matthew 10:26 KJV .


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